“I joined Brandon’s trade room after seeing him execute a series of trades on ST and was impressed both by his technical expertise as well as the way he executed – fast, focused and very disciplined. Oh and very profitable – a beautiful trade from start to finish. I have been in the room several weeks now and am doing a lot a watching, studying and being very selective in my trading. By watching Brandon model his trades, review the technical reasons behind them and clearly define his risk….My thinking and approach to trading is changing. I am seeing the trade clearer, anticipating more and executing with more confidence because I now know my risk and will honor that risk. It is a great room…Brandon is a terrific coach, so accessible to his members who are very impressive in their own right. Thanks, Brandon for all you do.”


“Thanks Brandon and everyone that participates in the chatroom. I’m feeling every single day more consistent in my trades. I’ve been joining the room for only 3 months now, and my trading has improved vastly. Brandon is a straight shooter who isn’t afraid to show his real trading results, which helps me confirm what I see and adds confidence into my trades. I have not only learnt the technicals but most importantly the mindset to be a great trader. Thanks again and keep up the great work!”


“The best trading style from Brandon is his risk management. Making money is secondary, the first rule is not to lose your hard earned money, which he reminds us all the time. Currently I am following his signals to trade index options. If someone is looking to succeed in futures, you must signup with HYM chat service.”


“I have been with Brandon during two different periods, for the first time last year when he was trading options and now in 2016 trading ES futures and rocking at it. The most important thing that one would learn from Brandon is effective money management because that is half the battle when it comes to trading, everything else can be acquired through hard work and study. It is the most fundamental and yet most difficult thing to do, adhering to your stops and knowing when you are wrong and getting out. This year trading ES, Brandon is just unbelievable and has been consistently making 50+ points each week, which is remarkable considering how volatile it has been during this downturn in 2016. It helps showcase what can be made through discipline and effective money management. The chatroom is another plus, there are experienced traders and there is activity all day long, from sharing strategies, to entry-exits for trades to the occasional chit chat, its all fun and worth every cent of the subscription fee. Personally I have been introduced to the world of futures trading and the possibilities, watching Brandon trade is more than I could ask for when starting with futures, as he is very selective and doesn’t jump at every opportunity. It teaches me how to be patient, selective and enter trades with defined risk and proper stops. Glad to be on the chat room and looking forward to a great year ahead. Thanks Brandon!”


“There are countless services claiming to improve your trading overnight and make you millions. If that is what you’re looking for than High Yield Media is not for you. However, if you’re looking to improve your entry’s and exits and become a MASTER of risk management then you’ve come to the right place. The daily chat is filled with like minded traders which creates a real sense of camaraderie. Brandon does an excellent job of moderating and posts ALL his entries and exits in real time. The chat is open 24/7 and you can almost always find a trader in the chat to bounce ideas off of. I can’t thank the team in the chat enough for how much they’ve helped me improve my trading within just the last month. I’m more focused and less nervous about my entries and exits. THANK YOU!”

– Alexander Levcovitz

“My account was getting chopped up during 2015 and I was seeking a way to learn how great traders think. I joined Brandon’s room after seeing his exceptionally consistent performance on ST and he is definitely the real deal. Why does he succeed? First, Brandon is an excellent risk manager. He rarely averages down and he is okay with getting stopped out for breakeven. Second, He reminds everyone that Cash is your strongest position. There are more reasons, but that is just a sneak peak. He has attracted a versatile collection of traders in the room and he has fostered an environment for genuine camaraderie. His transparency and responsiveness is refreshing. Keep up the great work, and let’s get a beer when you aren’t trading! Thank you!”


“I had followed Brandon on StockTwits for several months. I noticed that his performance in ES trading was exceptional. I have been trading now about a year and a half and have finally gotten to a level of consistency, but am always looking to expand my knowledge and experience. I encouraged Brandon to start a chatroom where I could have more access to his methods of trading and thought process. Discretionary trading, while rules based, also has an instinct component. Brandon’s instincts are very good, and those instincts are priceless. Knowing when to trade, when to be patient, and when to get out, are some of the hardest lessons. But Brandon shares his years of experience to help teach you and expand your own insights. Invaluable. He cares. He is an exceptional trader, and a great person. I highly recommend learning from Brandon.”

-Mike Wilson (ES trader)

“I’ve been in capital markets my entire career, trading distressed debt, mortgage backs, corporates, post-reorg equities…you name it. I transitioned over into day trading when the business as an institutional salesman became almost obsolete and let’s just say it’s day and night different. The learning curve has been steep but Brandon’s room has allowed me to make money as I learn. It’s taught me proper risk management, timing entry and exit points, charting structures and setups, among many other things. I’d have to say that one of the most important aspects I have picked up is the psychological side of this business. Day trading can be an emotional roller-coaster and if you’re not able to manage those emotions, you’re gonna lose money. I’ve watched Brandon get down in a trade and still be calm, either averaging and getting out break even or turning it into a winner. His calmness and positive attitude when under pressure has allowed me to hang in there instead of impulsively bailing for an unnecessary loss. A lot can be learned here for beginners and traders who have been in the business for a while. Thanks again.”

-Tony Snyder

“I started to follow Brandon and trade ES after joining the membership. I grabbed 20+ points 1st week and 50+ points 2nd week. That was really awesome! Brandon is the best ES trader I have seen. Thanks!”


“When I first noticed Brandon’s trades in Stocktwits, I was a bit skeptical. I thought to myself that there is no way that he is making huge consistent returns on a weekly basis, until I tried out his room. That’s when I found out that he’s the real deal. His technical analysis is top notch and it shows that he has worked on his system for a long time. He’s also a great coach, focusing on discipline and risk management to offset the intricacies and difficulties of trading psychology. Overall, I would definitely recommend Brandon’s service to all traders. “

– Ed G

“Brandon provides a great service for entry level and advanced traders looking to increase their prowess in trading the futures market. The most important thing you’ll learn from Brandon is proper risk management. Nobody is perfect. If you get stuck in a bad trade, proper risk management can help you turn a loser into a breakeven exit or even a profitable exit. For beginners, this can be half the battle in preventing capital loss due to emotional panic selling. He’ll also teach you how to identify reversal patterns and setups, which are key in entering at a safe level to increase the odds of your trade being profitable.”

-Stephen Edwards

“After years of frustrations trying to gauge daily market directions and trends. I reached my breaking point. I needed a new plan for 2016, and I needed help! While on the search for a mentor/teacher I first noticed Brandon on stock twits. He was making predictions days before the move actually happened. His thesis was based on fact rather than opinion. His confidence was genuine, while others confidence played out to be a farce. Brandon is an amazing teacher with sometimes seemingly infinite knowledge that will baffle you at times. The confidence and patience I gain from his teaching is truly #Priceless”

-Brad Merricks

“Brandon is like a boxer with great defense. No bullshit trader. Trades like a machine. Loads of energy. Accumulates ES points consistently every week. Keeps it tight and logical with stops and breakeven stops. Good real-time alerts. Good group of traders in his room. Recommended for anyone wanting to learn and struggling with their trading. Good luck!”

-Harry aka “SlownSteady”

“In this complex and highly volatile market, apart from his technical analysis, his market insights and statistics help me a a lot as a new trader. Apart from this, discussion from other professional traders in a chat room, which is active almost 24/7, helps the people who are new and who are not full time traders to learn this market. Hence I would strongly recommend this chat room for anyone, who is new, to understand and navigate the ES futures trading successfully.”


“I knew Brandon from StockTwits and had followed him as he posted his live entries and exits with inspiration as to his successful navigation of the market in general. When he said he would be starting a trading room, I didn’t hesitate to join up, and have not looked back since! To say the cost of admission is worth it would be an understatement. And the people in the room are added bonuses, as there is an elite cast of misfits that you can learn a great deal from. If you are struggling in any way, shape, or form in your trading abilities, join this room, and you will NOT regret it. Thanks for the hard work and let’s keep going!!”

-John McCord

“Before I knew Brandon I often turned my winning trades into losers. Being in his room has taught me how to define my risk, cut losses and take profits. His lessons on the inner state of mind of a trader are very useful and keep me on the ground when things heat up. If you listen to his advice and learn from it you will become a better trader.”

-Holger Schinzel

“As a trader, I’m erratic, have low discipline, and a complete disregard for risk-management. All normally death traits for someone interested in trading. Brandon helps with all these and more. In the room, Brandon provides the levity and confidence that traders need, helping them pull through trades with an even head. Sometimes you cut your losses, sometimes you let your winners run, and Brandon knows what to do in these situations because of his experience. He’s been there before and knows what’s going through your head. I highly recommend his expertise and the room is also fun, too!”

-Mike Stahnke

“As a rookie trader, made tons of mistakes like not knowing the trend, getting out of a position too soon, wrong directional trade….. then came across Brandon on StockTwits and started following his trades which were accurate and to the point, joined the live trading room in January and for 4 weeks watched him explain and execute his trades, gaining courage started trading in February with 90% success rate. If you are struggling like me and want to learn and improve your trading I recommend to join the chat room and learn to trade.”

-GVK (Vinod)

“I knew Brandon from Stocktwits; he is the most intelligent trader I have ever met in my life. His trading system is very accurate, constructive and creative. He trades ES mini futures like the water, very flexible and guarantee his right trade on both sides. Also, he is very patient and kind to help other traders. As a rookie trader, I find his guide and instructions are very helpful and useful for my trading career. If you want to trade, he is exactly the right guy!”


“I have been following Brandon on stocktwits for a while and was a huge fan of his work, and jumped on the opportunity to join his chat service that he started. He is never married to a trade and is always focused on the px action. Never shy to admit if wrong, as well as when right it always turns into huge gains. When every retail trader suffered in January when the market just spiraled downwards, B’s disciplined trading method helped members in chat make close to +500 points on ES. Frankly speaking B doesn’t need to do this chat room service , but he truly cares for his team,and wants them to succeed. I am privileged and honored to to be part of such an outstanding team. Keep up the good work B!”

-Harsh Modi aka “Harry”

“I’ve been following Brandon for almost 9 months now. I love his new trade room. His trade ideas have helped me to no end , especially when I would have otherwise been sitting on the “fence”. Keep up the good work of helping for all of us who appreciate it!! “

-From the desk of Samir Amin